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How does it works

Firstly. Activate Bluetooth of your device (such as Windows, IOS or Android device). 

Then scan the KJ-Stick and connect to it. If the games need 4 KJ-Sticks to play, just do this one by one.

Thirdly, set the KJ-Stick to the corresponding functions or games. See the video below. 

Finally, enjoy playing games.

Program update

In order to get the most updated function. The program of the KJ-Stick can be updated thought internet. 

Please follow the steps to do so.

1.  Activate mobile phone hot spot wifi sharing. Also let the mobile phone connects to internet at the same time.

              WiFi band: 2.4GHz

    WiFi hot spot SSID: kellyjohn 

    password: kellyjohn

    (The SSID and Password are all in small letters)

2.  Set the KJ-Stick to the "Mode 0:Software update".

3.  Press the button-1 to start. Then the KJ-Stick will scan the wifi "kellyjohn" and do the update if the connection is ok.

Program update history

1-5-2021    Program code: V6C9L2   Description: Rainbow Six game mode supported 

28-3-2021  Program code: V6C9K5   Description: Release with 5 game series supported 

10-3-2022  Program code: V6F.3   We added different firmware mode for "PC-Games", Balance-board" and "Steering-mode"

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