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Using KJ-Stick raw data mode

Before start:

You can test the KJ-Stick "Raw-data mode" by using the built Apps:

Get the testing Apps for  WindowsAndroid 

Quick start guide in short

Step 1:
Adding the axes in the Unity "input manger":

The fastest way is to download this file "InputManager.asset". Then replace the file in your unity game project folder > "ProjectSettings". This file is to setup the corresponding axes and buttions quickly.

If succeed, you can see the axis and buttons are set in the input manager as shown in the image below. We need the Axis are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,14,15. 
(Remarks: we use Unity 2020.3 LTS, Or you can add the axes and buttons manually)

input manager setting 2.png

And we need the joystick button 2,3,4.


This is because the Unity will get the Raw data from KJ-Stick at the specific axes. Thus there are no SDK or plug-in needed. The Axis is matched as below:


Step 2:

Download this script "KJ_Stick_Raw_Data.cs" and place in the asset folder wherever you want. Add this script to the object which you want to control by KJ-Stick. Or add the script to an empty object if you just want to get the raw data of the rotations and accelerations.


In the inspector, draw the object also to the field "Object Container".
There is a checkbox "Is_Android". Click this box when you run the game in Android device. Because the axis and buttons are different on Windows and Android. Click this box will switch the input axis to suit Android.

Step 3: 
Set the KJ-Stick to the "Raw Data" mode. 
If you run the Unity game in Windows, Set the KJ-Stick to "Half Axis"
If you run the game in Android. Set the KJ-Stick to "Full Axis"

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